Projects in Chiang Dao
The construction of a student’s products outlet and learning center, Baan Tham School

   This project builds upon an existing school plan to develop its small center to showcase student products and serves as a learning center. The students’ products will be showcased to tourists who visit Chiang Dao Cave. The income will be used to support school development and student’s meals.

The school is allocated the budget from the government according to its student’s numbers. As a small school with the students of 67, Baan Tha Song Kweh School finds itself in a situation where they need to look for external partnership in order to start any development projects. The school has occasionally received monetary and project supports from a private donor and university student groups. 

    They hope to benefit greatly from this building project as it could encourage skills development for the students in managing the center and sell their agricultural and craft products to the tourists.

The school principal wants to make use of the school location being located near the tourist attraction (Chiang Dao Cave) in expanding more activities in the future; for example, renovating an old building to be accommodation for group travel and international tourists. It would provide students with an opportunity to use English in real life from being a local tour guide for instance