Housing and livelihoods

Shelter is a human’s basic needs. It is a foundation for life’s development. So, we helped build and renovate houses of people in need. The projects are ongoing but currently suspended due to the Coronavirus outbreak situation.

Housing project, Baan Ngoi

The single mom who has no permanent job, but has to take care of two children. The house condition has deteriorated for a long time but she can’t afford to fix it herself. 

With guidance from the local engineer and support from community members, our students worked enthusiastically on pouring a concrete foundation, building cinder wall, and plastering.

In the next phase, we plan to start a vegetable garden for her in hopes that it could reduce a living cost and potentially generate a small income. 

Housing Project, Baan Tung Rae

The owner of the house had an accident causing the waist-down paralysis; she lives with her dad, who has been troubled by his health issues from the surgery and refrained from a laboured/hard work; he used to work as a local engineer. As they get into a very unfortunate situation when nobody can no longer work nor make a living, the family’s project to finish building the house stopped. 

Apart from building walls, our students worked closely with local engineers to finish the floor, as a first prioritized work. It helps the owner who lives with disability get around more comfortably. From our last visit, we witnessed how improved living condition has contributed to enabling environment for physical

Livelihoods Support, Baan Thung Rae

The owner is a single mom to two children living with her parents. She is a freelance housekeeper getting paid daily. The family has a garden house where frog ponds are located, they raise and sell. By helping them build the garden plots with wooden retainers and shading nets, we can help support the family, for that they’ll be able to sell and eat some vegetables, along with their ongoing project of raising frogs. They can then earn some more income to support the whole family.