English Exchange

Taught as a foreign language, English is an essential key to communication for Thais, especially the younger generation. However, there’s still an issue on Thai educational system which doesn’t allow Thai kids to learn English effectively; there are no natives at school, or the textbooks and curriculum focus too much on grammar rather than communication skills.

By having international students come and participate in language exchange activities, the Thai kids can get familiar with the environment where native speakers are around, and that it’s a time for them to practice speaking! 

School Infrastructure

At Baan Ngoi School, we built a walkway from the school building to the library, along with painting the school walls/ painting the cement floor. This school accommodates about 85 kids from K1 to G6, and has Four teachers and a principal. 

At Baan Lao Dontaeng School, we built the cement walkway from a school building to a storage house, which could be very muddy and slippery during the rainy season. There are around 50 kids here and taught by 5 teachers.

At Baan Kao School, we restored the vegetable garden of the school.