Journey to the “Land of Smiles” and explore the diverse regions, from the beaches and karst cliffs of Southern Thailand, the meandering Mekong River and traditional villages of the Isaan plateau, the forested mountains and hilltribes of Northern Thailand


Head to Cambodia where an ancient imperial past is overlayed with a young and vibrant population bursting with energy. This is one of SE Asia’s most dynamic countries


Head back in time into SE Asia’s highland heartland. In Laos time seems to meander along at a lilting pace, much like the Mekong river that is the artery of this landlocked country


Take a trip to the edge of the world, or about as close as you can get on a globe! New Zealand’s location and lanscape ensure that whether you are on an action packed adventure.


Just recently opened to foreign travellers, Myanmar is one of the most fascinating places to travel in the world.


Travel through Vietnam exploring the amazing landscape in Sapa, navigate through the thousands of limestone karsts in Ha Long Bay


Experience all that Australia has to offer! Whether it is venturing out into the outback, diving in the Great Barrier Reef, or participating in conservation efforts .


Famous for its high peaks, our programs go deeper than the typical tourist would go. You can dive deep into the culture, contribute to a meaningful service project


Take in all that India has to offer– or at least attempt to! The sights, smells, flavors, and sounds can be a sensory overload, but this country is so vast and charming it has the ability to inspire you.


Indonesia’s sparkling waters and landscape will stop you in your tracks! It is famous for its stunning beaches, but its interesting culture makes each of its 17,000+ islands unique.